How To Leverage Instagram Reels For Brand Promotion

How To Leverage Instagram Reels For Brand Promotion

Instagram recently introduced the latest feature – Reels, which is currently available among 50 countries. It is just fifteen seconds of video content along with music and effects. After its launch only a few months, Reels gained popularity among influencers, famous brands, business people, and creators. Reels are an inevitable marketing weapon for business. 

How To Create Content On Instagram Reels?

Creating a Reels video is very easy while you’re familiar with Instagram. Creating a Reels video is not as hard as you think, which is still simple for the uninitiated.

Get started to choose the Reels option at the bottom of the camera. You’ll notice the editing features menu on the left side of the screen. Using these to edit your content however you wish with available options.

  • Music: Select the music from your Instagram’s music library or use your own audio record.  
  • AR Filters: Instagram provides more than a thousand effects in its library. Try it each and choose the best for your niche work.
  • Align: Using aligns option to every clip, align with the perfect transition.
  • Timer: Select the video length, countdown length for recording your video. The timer option is a hands-free option to record video.
  • Speed: Choose the video’s speed according to your preference, like speed up or slow down.

Consider using the editing feature to make your video more attractive. Whether to record your video or choose the video already recorded from your phone’s gallery. Before sharing your video, preview it to make sure that everything is perfect. There are many options to share your Reels content like your profile’s feed, stories, Reels section, and the most dedicated place on the explore page.

Reels are now displayed at the top of the place on the explore page. You know that most people choose the video to watch from the explore page, which is an excellent opportunity to grab a massive audience. 

Popular Brands On Instagram Reels

Plenty of famous brands are advertising their products on Instagram Reels in a completely unique way. And most brands that included reels as a part of their marketing strategy got excellent results out of it. More brands get the reward of using Instagram Reels. The most important thing is that the brand becomes famous when your Reels content gains more traffic and viral on Instagram. If you have a new business account on Instagram, just don’t worry. All you need to do is create and upload new content to reels, and go ahead with purchasing Planyourgram Instagram Reels views to gain content visibility and audience’s trust.

 Here are some example of popular brand statistics:

  • Elf cosmetics brand’s first Reel has over one million views.
  • Online boutique brand Balmain’ each Reel gets more than 1.2 M views.

The Takeaway

Through this article, you understand that Instagram Reels is a perfect place to market your product. Grabbing the audience is very easy if you share your content depending on the audience’s interest, love, and post your content at the right time. Furthermore, Making your content a unique way to stand out Reels as well as your business. 

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