Instagram is a free social media application that allows you to share videos and photos. Instagram has become a popular way to connect with family, friends, thought leaders, celebrities, brands, and more. Instagram has a vast array of features, from short-form videos to live streaming videos. Instagram is built entirely around sharing videos and images. Instagram has over a billion registered accounts, and it has become a part of daily life. It seems like everyone is on Instagram, from news organizations to cultural institutions, small businesses to big businesses, musicians, photographers, celebrities, and influencers. In 2012 Instagram was bought by Facebook. 


You will need to download the Instagram application and sign up for an account to start using the platform. Instagram is available for free on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You will be prompted to log in with your Facebook account or create a new account upon opening the application for the first time. If you choose to create a new account, you will be asked for your email address or phone number, desired username, full name, and password. 

Once you create an account on Instagram, you can create multiple accounts and switch between multiple accounts on Instagram without logging out, and it is a very useful Instagram feature if you run separate accounts for professional use and personal use. Even though Instagram is primarily designed for smart mobiles, the desktop experience has improved steadily(once very limited) over the years. You can now get on Instagram from your desktop device and use a web browser to send and receive direct messages, comments on posts, likes on posts, edit your profile, and view your feed. You can now buy automatic Instagram likes monthly from your desktop device because Instagram is an indispensable tool for brands, influencers, business owners, and entrepreneurial sets.

Posting videos and photos are the only things you cannot do on your desktop computer.


You have to set up your profile after you set up your account on Instagram. Your profile page is the place for all of your video posts and photo posts, where you keep track of who is following you and who is following you, and where you can access your settings. Profile pages are often the first thing people visit, so it is best to keep your profile picture, username, and bio up to date. Your bio is a place to offer a description of your brand or yourself, while your profile picture is the icon that emerges with your username all over Instagram. If applicable, you can also add a link to your website.

You can make changes to your profile by clicking the “Edit Profile” option at any time. You can also add your location if you are running a business account on Instagram. 


Instagram is a highly visual social media network. Every time you open the application, you will meet with the recent feed posts(photos and videos) from the people you follow. At the bottom is a menu bar. You can access the menu bar anywhere you are in the application.

Home: the home is the main feed; you can scroll through videos and photos posted by your friends. 

Explore and search: the magnifying glass icon takes you to the ‘Explore Page’; it is where you can search the content and browse the content you are interested in from people you do not follow yet.

Activity (heart icon): it will take you to a page that displays comments and likes on your posts, among other activity updates.

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