How To Improve Your Business On IGTV:6 Breathtaking Videos Ideas

How To Improve Your Business On IGTV:6 Breathtaking Videos Ideas

Instagram has rolled a new addition called Instagram TV, which is popularly known as IGTV. It focuses on longer-form video content, maximum of up to 60 minutes. It is a game-changer app for content creators, who are experts in creating lengthy videos. It was launched in early 2018; in the beginning, marketers find difficulties to gain traction. But after so many modifications, it has become one of the effective tools for marketers to grow their business. Moreover, using IGTV, you can enjoy lots of benefits. It’s effortless to connect with your existing audience and can reach lots of new audiences. It’s the right choice for marketers to step into the IGTV channel.

In this article, let’s see a few content ideas that help grow your business on IGTV. 

Welcoming / Intro videos 

Creating intro videos about your channel is the perfect way to invite your audience to your channel. In that video, tell who you are, what’s your business, let your audience know about yourself, your way of style, charisma, and more. If any new visitors enter your channel, it’s easy for them to know your channel. It is great content to start your IGTV channel. 

Host Interviews Or Q&A Session 

Conduct an interview or discuss your business with your industry experts, influencer, or within your organization; it helps to provide more value to your audience. This is one of the easy ways to begin with your IGTV. On the other hand, invite a popular influencer in your niche, host funny interviews, and ask rapid-fire questions with them. It will help gain more exposure to your channel; you can also bring more new audiences. 

Post Frequently  

Consistency is essential to maintain a maximum online presence. Will you share any tips or create content for you regularly? Well, you can construct a video version of your recurring efforts. If you aim to provide consistent videos, then your video must offer something to look forward to for your audience. This way, you boost your engagement rate. If your objective is to gain an engagement rate, then have a check out to maximize your audience’s attention. 

Posting at the right time is essential to gain maximum reach and exposure. Once you know when to post, schedule all your content. 

How-To Videos 

Trust me, educating your audience about your product or services is an effective type of content to promote your brand. You can create plenty of content like product demos, tutorials, how-to videos. Even if you can create a series of useful, instructive information, it will benefit from creating trust and authority on specific topics. It helps to promote your business in a different perception. 

For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, you can create content by pairing the different outfits. If you are a cooking chef, you can teach your audience to cook with easy steps. 

Share Exclusive Content 

Create content that must be exclusively shared on the IGTV platform. It offers an extra reason for your followers to follow your channel. You can come with any ideas for your exclusive content.

Reuse Your Old Content

If you have already created any videos for your brand or company, you can reuse them on IGTV, even if it can be YouTube, Facebook content. Or, else, you can repost your recorded live videos. Of course, before posting, it must do some editing according to the IGTV channel. 


I think lots of new ideas start swirling in your head now. I believe, after reading this, you will be able to create great content for your audience. Sure, they will turn your potential customers. Then why are you waiting, let’s dive into IGTV and start posting videos?

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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