4 Top Tricks Beginners On TikTok Should Try Now

4 Top Tricks Beginners On TikTok Should Try Now

TikTok is becoming increasingly popular and everyday thousands of people create a TikTok account.  Without any doubt, TikTok is not a passing cloud. Everybody in the universe just loves to be on the hottest social media platform. Who does not want to become TikTok famous or doesn’t want to be found on the For You page? These are the very first thoughts that flash the mind of even beginners of TikTok. There are some tricks that can gain attention for your videos. Alternatively, you could boost content credibility when you buy likes for TikTok posts so that the massive likes will lead you to get more organic shares and views for your videos.This article explains some of the tricks that TikTok beginners must try now. 

How To Make A Slideshow On TikTok

  • Click the plus sign on the home screen.
  • Tap upload on the bottom right.
  • Choose any number of photos as you wish.
  • Add text, sound effects, stickers or hit effects.
  • Set necessary timing and transitions.
  • Click next to view the post screen.

How To Make Voice Effects On TikTok

What is the buzz in your creative mind?  I got it!. You want an animal to do the voice for you. TikTok voice effects will do that for you.

  • Click the plus sign on the main page to create a new video.
  • Hit the record button and start recording your video.
  • Click the checkmark on the record screen to move to the editing screen. 
  • Tap voice effects on the right hand side
  • Choose the effect that you wish to apply on your video.
  • Now you’re done.

How To Apply Green Screen Effect

  • Create a new video
  • Click Effects on the left hand side to view the effects menu. 
  • Either choose a photo as your background, click the green icon and press the down arrow or choose a video as a background, click the green icon and press the up arrow.
  • Click the record button and record yourself laid on this background.
  • You just need to repeat the process with new backgrounds if you wish. 
  • Once you are done with adding backgrounds, you can hit the checkmark button to go to th editing screen
  • Click Next to go to the posting screen.

Adding Closed Captions To Videos

Not only the best way to boost engagement for your videos, there might be people who will be watching video with audio turned off. So adding captions are a great benefit for such kind of people and for people who have hearing challenges.

  • After creating your video, tap Text at the bottom of the screen.
  • Add customization to your video like fonts, alignment, color and style. 
  • Set the duration of how long your text should appear and where on the fame it should appear.
  • Click Done.

How To Make A Duet Video On TikTok

First the creator must allow sharing, only then the Share button will appear on the right. 

Click Duet

Now you will reach your editing screen where you can record the audio and video for yourself. 

Watch a preview by hitting the checkmark and then click Next to move to the post screen to post the video.


Besides these tricks there are many like using multiple clips for one sound clip,  using TikTok songs from other videos,  reacting in different ways to a particular TikTok video, make text appear and disappear on the video, add fun transitions to videos etc. All you need to do is try more tricks and get inspired by your own creativity. Without just stopping on creating and uploading videos, keep a tab of the engagement rates that each of your video receives as that can really help you refine your marketing campaign.